Starting Your Business

When you begin a new venture, sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Let our experience be your guide. Advising clients since 1935, we will educate you on how to become a sophisticated risk manager.

Snag our Guide to Managing Risks and Navigating Insurance for Life Sciences Companies to help you get started. Feel free to contact us directly if you are ready to talk with one of our life sciences experts.

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Services Supporting Your Business

  • Product severity analysis – How would an insurance company view (or underwrite) your product 
  • Contract review and recommendations – License, funding, clinical trials 
  • Life cycle presentations – When are risk exposures likely to pop up
  • Demystify Insurance – Why do you need it and when
  • Budgeting – How much of expenses will coverage be and how to plan accordingly  

Trusted Partner

While managing insurance is important, it should not be how you spend a significant amount of time. That's our job. And it's one we take very seriously all year round.

Discovery We start with a comprehensive analysis of your current coverage and business needs. This process helps us identify gaps and potential exposures. 

Assessment This is when the strategy starts to take shape and timelines for how we will partner throughout the year are formed.

Implementation We then work with you to build the most effective programs to manage and finance risk. The goal is to protect assets, improve efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Stewardship It's important to invest in our partnership and our way of doing that is an annual review, where program performance, future goals and potential areas of opportunity are evaluated and discussed.