We are here to help you manage risks at every stage of your business.

THINK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. What could go wrong? Who would be impacted? To what extent? What type of remedy would they seek? What would happen to your company as a result?  

As a result of us working with a variety of life sciences, clinical research and medical device firms of all sizes, we have seen firsthand what can go wrong when risk is not managed properly. And from our experience, we recognize that depending on how long you have been in business, your size and specific niche, the risk exposures can vary.

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When you begin a new venture, sometimes you don’t know what to expect. Let our experience be your guide. Advising clients since 1935, we will educate you on how to become a sophisticated risk manager.

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As your company grows, your risks shift. Every day brings a new challenge. We will be by your side, alerting you to changes that could impact your business and helping you evaluate courses of action.

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You’ve worked hard to get to this stage and to create a solid balance sheet. We’ll help you maintain it by exploring alternative methods of transferring and financing risk.

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Managing clinical trials is a complex business, with a very set of unique risks. Based on our experience, we have developed a toolkit specifically for clinical research companies.  

We Understand Life Sciences Risks.

Before any discussion about insurance, Hylant makes an investment in your business by conducting a risk assessment that helps us both understand what is most important to you and what is at stake.  

We meet with your leadership team to identify, analyze and quantify your company’s top risks. Because the final report reflects a cross-department consensus about your business, you can confidently use it to drive planning and budgeting initiatives.  

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To learn more about the specific risk management and insurance needs for life sciences companies, speak to one of our Hylant life sciences experts.

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