Unplanned Cash Flow Analysis

The Hylant Unplanned Cash Flow Analysis starts by understanding the various insurance contracts, specifically identifying the terms and conditions in the policy, or what may be missing from the policy, which could result in an unexpected high dollar uncovered claim. 

Business leaders who have partnered with Hylant on the Unplanned Cash Flow Analysis have discovered that there were potential surprises at stake that could be avoided by adjusting their coverage, partnerships or risk tolerance. Some people have also learned that the broker they relied on may not have sold them the appropriate coverage or simply didn’t understand their business needs.  

Common coverage gaps often identified during the analysis can include: 

  • incorrect calculation of business income limits, 
  • inadequate contingent business interruption analysis, 
  • significant exclusions in management liability policies and
  • just about anything to do with “employee risk” i.e. theft, cyber, use of personal autos etc.  

Our goal at the end of the analysis is for our client- you the business leader- to feel confident they understand their risks and have the coverage they need for their business. It’s about providing the information necessary to make an informed buying decision. 

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